Hey teachers-  Here is some information related to COACH Books you might find helpful. This is a product I use with my students. By now, if you read my columns, you know I don't believe in one "magic solution" but use a cross section of ideas and materials. Explore and learn more about the COACH materials for yourself.
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Here Are the Pedagogical Principles of Coach Books:

No Child Left Behind Act's clear emphasis on proven education methods mandates the use of research-based material in the classroom.  

Triumph Learning student texts are based on scientific research into how students learn.  Our Coach books are built upon principles of explicit, systematic instruction.  These independent, yet related concepts—amply supported by the research of Wells, Rosenshine, Meister, and Benson, among others, and the National Reading Panel, and reflecting Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development—hold that effective instruction:
  • Features carefully regulated, graduated levels of difficulty and gradual release
  • Presents concepts systematically, so as to build connections between them
  • Is focused on those tasks that the learner, at his or her current level, can perform with guidance and assistance
  • Provides scaffolding for higher-level cognitive strategies, such as reading comprehension
  • Uses modeling, prompts, and checklists for learning support
  • Presents material in small steps, so as not to overload working memory
  • Provides ample rehearsal and practice, so as to promote consolidation and integration of new concepts
  • Provides opportunities to experience success

The Coach also follows a balanced instruction approach, teaching both basic skills—especially foundational and enabling ones—and more advanced and abstract critical thinking skills—such as reading comprehension or mathematical problem solving.  Experiments and observational studies, including in the area of early literacy instruction (see, e.g., Pressley, Wharton-McDonald, Allington, Block, Morrow, Tracey, Baker, Brooks, Cronin, Nelson, and Woo, 1998), support the view that balancing both basic and higher-order skills is more effective than teaching either one in isolation.

Coach Reading and Language Arts books provide extensive coverage of two of the key pillars of early literacy identified by the National Reading Panel: vocabulary and reading comprehension.  In addition, while not primarily designed for use in fluency instruction, they can be used for additional fluency practice.  Coach mathematics books review all of the NCTM strands or domains.  In addition, both reading and mathematics books are written to—not merely correlated with, but specifically written for—state educational standards.

Research supporting the
Coach pedagogy incorporates systematically collected and empirical evidence.  These studies have been subjected to rigorous data analysis, and many have been peer-reviewed in academic publications.  Both experimental and observational studies support the Coach pedagogy, as do studies that cut a broad spectrum in terms of context—explicit instruction has found support in research on brain function and in studies of how expert teachers teach—all serving to reinforce the strength of the underlying research.

In addition to the wealth of scientific support for the Coach instructional bases, the
Coach itself has been studied: initially in East Moline, Illinois, and again in 33 schools in seven states in the spring of 2004.  In East Moline, Douglas Whisker conducted an experiment involving two groups of sixth-grade readers: those given reading strategies only, and those given reading strategies and the Coach book as part of a test-readiness program.  The students who used Coach met or exceeded Illinois Reading Assessment standards at higher rates (70.2% vs. 48.5%) and obtained higher mean scores (234.17 vs. 193.18)—both statistically significant increases.  The 2004 efficacy research involved 33 elementary, middle, and high schools in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas, and looked at performance in both Reading/Language Arts and Mathematics; the number of students who met or exceeded standards increased in every instance—sometimes by as much as 50-100%.  (Read about our Validation Study.)

In short,
Coach is a thoroughly tested, research-based tool that helps students meet educational standards and expectations, improves their educational outcomes, and raises their scores on today’s high-stakes tests.

Teachers share their Coach success stories!

"The Coach Post-Test was an excellent predictor of students meeting or exceeding the standard on the CRCT.  Each student in my 7th grade class that scored 60% or above on the Coach Post-Test met/exceeded the standard on the CRCT one week later."
Michael J. Eber, Math Teacher, Garrett Middle School, Austell, GA

“The CSAP Coach brought results. We had the highest increase in student scores on a standardized assessment that I have seen in my 28 years as a principal.” [CSAP Reading 3,4,5 & Math 5, combined average gain: 37.1%]
  Robert A. Woodson, Colorado Principal of the Year 2003

“Teachers felt that CSAP Coach, combined with good instruction, helped improve our CSAP scores significantly.”
  Leslie Clemensen, Building Resource Teacher, Acres Green Elementary School, CO

“If you are looking for an instructional resource that will meet the needs of a variety of students, the TAKS Coach is [it]….if you use the TAKS Coach effectively, your scores will improve!”
  Kathy Kreger, Dean of Instruction, Seagoville Middle School, Dallas Independent School District, TX
“Our teachers love using the TAKS Coach curriculum. It pushes struggling kids over the top, average kids to Commended and our top kids to perfect scores.”
  Michael Michaleson, Principal, Plains Middle School, TX

“Your company is publishing outstanding materials that will definitely help kids succeed.  Many thanks.”
  Bill DelCollo, Fort Washington Elementary School, Fort Washington, PA

“Necessary to pass the EOC.  Exactly what English I needs.”
  Carolyn C. Faucette, Assistant Principal, Northern Vance, Henderson, NC

“Coach has made the “new curriculum” easier to teach. It breaks the objectives into bite-sized pieces for students, so [they] are easier to grasp….It is kid friendly.”
  Marie Radcliffe, 5th Grade Teacher, Cape Fear Elementary School, Rocky Point, NC

"Coach has become my bible for standardized test prep!"
Adrianne Bogans, Math Teacher, Murphey Middle School, Augusta, GA

“We saw an increase in [5th Grade at-risk reading] scores from 80.0% in 04-05 to 98.7 in 05-06. I can attribute this to the high quality materials we found in Coach that we aligned with the NC requirements.”
  Tammie F. Eddins, Reading Specialist, Perry W. Harrison, Pittsboro, NC

“We have recently received the results from the TAKS Spanish test our students took this year and 92% of our students passed! This is an impressive passing rate, significantly higher than the State average (87% in Reading and 69% in Mathematics). [W]e owe much of our success in Fort Worth to the TAKS Coach materials.”
  Margaret Balandrán, Executive Director Bilingual/ESL Programs, Fort Worth, TX 

“The Coach itself was studied in Illinois.  One group of sixth graders was given reading strategies only, and a second group was given reading strategies and the Coach as part of a test-readiness program.  The students who used the Coach met or exceeded Illinois Reading Assessment standards at higher rates (70.2% vs. 48.5%) and obtained higher mean scores (234.17 vs. 193.18), both at statistically significant levels.”
  from an experiment conducted in East Moline to try to disprove the effectiveness of test prep materials in Illinois

“One [of our] teacher[s] stated that after using the Algebra I Gateway Coach in her after-school tutoring sessions, 70% of her students passed the Algebra I Gateway test.  She stated that the prior spring … only 25% of the students had passed the test.  The only thing she did differently was to put the Algebra I Gateway Coach in the hands of each student.”
  Ernestine Manahan, Title I Mathematics Supervisor, Memphis, TN

“These books are an asset for not only the review prior to the PACT testing, but are also useful when teaching the concepts.  Students gain practice with more concept application than is found in most textbook practice.  After using these books in a variety of subjects, I can see a difference on everyday applications, as well as testing situations.”
Cindy Byars, Teacher, B.D. Lee Elementary School, Gafney, SC

"After using the Coach Math series during the last 18 months, our 4th grade math scores on the Louisiana LEAP21 test have risen by 23%. They are easy to use for both the teacher and students. Coach Math also addresses math in the test format which helps prepare our students for the appearance of questions on the standardized test. Great product!"
Al Herring, Principal, Carrie Martin Elementary, Plain Dealing, LA

"A resource worth having.  Coach will help provide the additional instruction that your students need!"
Teresa Mitchem, After School Supervisor, Glenn Hills Middle School, Augusta, GA

"McMurray Middle School made AYP this past year with an ELL and 90% poverty population.  We feel we owe a great deal to the Coach series for this accomplishment.  In our Title I Needs Assessment for 07/08 teachers listed Coach books as their #1 request.  We believe that Coach books can get us off the High Priority list.  Thanks so much for all your help."
Rebecca Callaway, Title I Coordinator, McMurray Middle School, Nashville, TN

"We have thoroughly enjoyed using the Ladders and Coach books.  The lessons are presented in an easy format for the children to follow.  Our ESOL program loved it so much they ordered complete sets for their entire program and every kid."
Elaine Stockton, Kindergarten Teacher, Glenn Hills Elementary, Augusta, GA

"Our district just received the state assessment results and I wanted to let you know that all eleven schools showed improvement.  One of our elementary schools is in the top ten most improved in the state.  I attribute this to the use of KCCT Coach and the Open-Ended Questions books that were used in our extended school services with at-risk students.  The teachers liked them so much that they used them in their regular classes too."
Hope Smith, Supervisor of Instruction, Clay County Public Schools, Manchester, KY

"August – December 2007 was my first semester teaching 9th Grade Literature/Composition at my school, so I contacted your office for a supply of 9th Grade Lit/Comp EOCT Coach books.  They were so valuable in helping my students understand and retain basic knowledge to pass the EOCT!  I compared my EOCT passing rates with two other…English [classes] of 9th Grade Literature/Composition at my school whose students did not have the Coach books.  Here are the amazing statistics:

Class A:  33% of the students passed the 2007 9th Grade Lit/Comp EOCT
Class B:  38%
Mrs. Bullard:  57%

I highly recommend your books!"
Gwen Bullard, Coffee High School, Douglas, GA

"We are so pleased with our Coach Books….We did not have to supplement to be sure all of our Grade Level Expectations (GLE’s) were taught, not just “covered.” …The lesson design was perfect, even for our less experienced teachers. The format and content of the lessons and practice tests match exactly what our students will be expected to know and be able to do. Thank you so much for giving us the “peace of mind” of knowing that we have provided quality practice for our students as they face these critical state tests."
Kathy Bundrick, Natchitoches Parish Schools Literacy Facilitator, Natchitoches, LA